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...as you may know, I finally graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelorís degree in Mechanical Engineering! There is no doubt that this milestone would NOT have been possible without the solid foundation I received at Venango Catholic. I am so fortunate and grateful that I was able to attend V.C. The education I received both in and out of the classroom has been invaluable to me. V.C. is truly a special place, and Iím glad that I could be a part of it!

Andrew Kumer '06

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The people of the Diocese of Erie are engaged in a pastoral planning process that will develop a new vision of Catholic life and discipleship in northwest Pennsylvania. Catholic full-curriculum education is a core component of diocesan efforts to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in the diocese. To achieve that goal, the Diocese has produced a preliminary plan for Catholic schools in the diocese, including Venango Catholic High School. Please consult the†diocesan planning website to review the preliminary plan for Catholic schools as well as information pertaining to the overall pastoral planning process. The school joins Bishop Persico, the diocesan administration, the members of the planning committee, and all concerned people throughout the diocese in prayer for the providential success of the plan.

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Steelers season tickets raffle

Congratulations to Carol Miller of Franklin, PA, on winning the 2014 Steeler season ticket raffle.
2014 Ticket Winners

(In the photo: The 2014 Sellers and Winners. From left: Melissa Danzer, Melissa's son Chase Anderson (St. Stephen's 6th grader), Carol Miller (the big winner!), and her grandsons Wyatt and Bryce Miller.)